Gordon Taylor delivers firm warning to Premier League clubs amid wage cut saga

Gordon Taylor is demanding Premier League clubs are honest with their finances before players accept any sort of wage cuts.

The 20 top flight captains have been left to negotiate with their individual clubs over potential wage cuts and deferrals after extensive talks between the Professional Footballers’ Association.

It comes after players were left angry that wealthy Premier League clubs wanted to impose cuts because they would rather make donations to the NHS and charity rather than put their money straight back into the pockets of rich owners.

PFA chief executive Taylor said: “Players want to be together, you don’t want to split players and clubs up. If you give them the full information then it’s a basis for understanding and you will get more of a chance of agreement.

“We need the clubs to be open with the finances, the players need to be open and hopefully we’ll all be singing from the same hymn sheet. They need to know exactly what they are dealing with.

“We need players to have a full understanding and knowledge of the finances for the long term. Why shouldn’t they get the money back? The game has only been suspended for three weeks and it’s not exactly unheard of before.

“If football can organise a World Cup in winter, mid-season then they can cope with most things.”

Mirror Sport understands several clubs held talks with their captains on Monday with an agreement that none can ask for deferrals or potential wage cuts above 30 per cent.

Some have pushed back negotiations until more is known about a return date. It is believed Leicester players have been told they could return to training on May 9 if all goes to plan while others are planning to have a short pre-season as the campaigns almost merge into one.

But Taylor insisted players will not be bullied as he also launched an attack on Health Secretary Matt Hancock for suggesting players must “do their bit.”

Taylor said: “Contracts are sacrosanct, they can’t enforce anything until we know how this plays out and whether games go ahead, if games are behind closed doors and we also need to be careful that clubs don’t use this as a chance to exploit the situation.

“We don’t impose anything on our members because we’ve always done what they want us to do. They are helping, they want to help and they’ve got their own club staff, the youngsters and community funds.

“The players feel pushed into a corner by Matt Hancock who does not seem to realise that they are big taxpayers and it makes you wonder why he’s not concentrating on his own worries and trying to deflect attention by blaming footballers.

“What’s wrong with deferrals? That doesn’t mean to say you won’t get it back. When you talk about cuts, that money will be gone forever. But once we get through this tunnel, there’s every chance we will be alright again.

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