Inside Bin Salman’s friendship with Lindsay Lohan amid Newcastle takeover

Mohammad bin Salman and Lindsay Lohan struck up a friendship back in 2019 after they became acquainted through Lohan's work in the Middle East.

MBS is on the verge of completing a £300million takeover of Premier League side Newcastle United after a breakthrough in negotiations between the prospective owners and the league.

Page Six reported two years ago that the Saudi Arabian crown had "been flying the actress around in his jets and showering her with presents."

According to reports at the time, these gifts included a credit card that bin Salman, who has an individual net worth of $18million, gave to Lohan.

However, in August 2019, a representative of Lohan denied that their relationship was anything more than platonic and dispelled any rumours that a credit card had been gifted to the 'Mean Girls' star.

Rumours that the two were more than friends persisted, though, forcing Lohan's father to deny that the couple were dating in October 2019.

Michael Lohan told the New York Post that: "They are just friends.

"Lindsay has a lot of powerful friends in the Middle East, because she is huge out there. Lindsay met MBS because of the work she has been doing in the Middle East. She is working to help people in the region, particularly refugees.

"Nobody writes about the good work Lindsay does in Syria, they just want to hear the bad stuff. She has a platonic and respectful relationship with MBS, nothing more."

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He went on to speak highly of the crown prince after being asked about his country's human rights record and explained: "Lindsay says he's a good person.

"She feels safe, she has good people around her, and she knows how to conduct herself."

MBS and the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund are set to provide 80% of the funds for the £300million takeover of Newcastle, who have been owned by Mike Ashley since 2007.

The takeover has been a long-running topic of discussion after a deal was initially blocked due to an alleged piracy dispute with Qatari-owned broadcaster beIN Sports.

However, on Wednesday an agreement was reportedly reached that resolved the dispute and the takeover could be completed as early as Thursday.

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