Jordan Henderson attends the Duchess of Cambridge's carol concert

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson takes advantage of his team’s surprise Christmas break to attend the Duchess of Cambridge’s royal carol concert at Westminster Abbey with wife Rebecca

  • Jordan Henderson has been seen at Westminster Abbey for a carols service
  • The Duchess of Cambridge is hosting a Royal Carols concert this evening 
  • Henderson was seen singing O Come on All Ye Faithful with wife Rebecca
  • The Liverpool captain has a short break due to the postponement vs Leeds 
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Jordan Henderson has been spotted at the Duchess of Cambridge’s Royal Carols concert in London as the Liverpool captain embraces the Christmas spirit ahead of the big day.

Henderson, 31, was due to feature for the Reds against Leeds United on Boxing Day, but the Premier League fixture has been postponed due to a Covid outbreak at the Yorkshire club.

The England international has ventured to the capital to attend a Royal Carol concert hosted by the Duchess of Cambridge at Westminster Abbey.

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson (left) was spotted at the Royal Carols on Christmas Eve

Henderson could be seen during the rendition of O Come on All Ye Faithful in London

He attended event at Westminster Abbey hosted by the Duchess of Cambridge with his wife

Henderson was seen singing O Come on All Ye Faithful with his wife, Rebecca, at the event which was broadcast on Christmas Eve.

The Liverpool skipper has been vocal in recent days regarding player welfare amid a busy festive period with Covid cases surging among a number of Premier League clubs.

As well as the Reds’ game against Leeds, Wolves’ clash with Watford has been postponed as has Everton’s game against Burnley for Covid reasons. 

The top flight recorded 90 Covid cases in the latest round of testing but despite this, officials opted against taking a festive firebreak to allow clubs to limit transmission of the virus.

‘I don’t think people can appreciate how intense it is until you actually see it first hand,’ Henderson told BBC Sport. 

Henderson was due to play on Boxing Day but the Reds’ game with Leeds was postponed

‘Football to us is everything and we want to be able to perform at the highest level every time we set foot on the pitch. And unfortunately, in this period it is difficult to do that.

‘That has been like this for a few years now and it has been difficult but then, on top of that, you chuck in Covid and it becomes even harder and even worse.

‘I am concerned that nobody really takes player welfare seriously.  

The Duchess of Cambridge hosted the event to thank people who have supported their communities during the pandemic.

She performed a rendition of For Those Who Can’t Be Here alongside singer-songwriter Tom Walker in London. 

Henderson has been vocal about concerns for player welfare amid Covid during this period

The song was written by Walker for ‘anyone raising a glass around the table remembering those who can’t be with us’ this festive season – as hundreds of thousands of people are set to spend Christmas Day in self-isolation with Covid-19, while others think of members of their family and friends they have lost to the virus or other causes.

Walker described the Duchess as a ‘lovely, kind and warm hearted person’ and praised her for having ‘absolutely smashed’ the performance, adding that it was a ‘crazy pinch yourself kind of day’ for him.

He also praised Kate for being an ‘amazing musician’ and said that although she was quite nervous when they first rehearsed in a studio, she went away and ‘invested a lot of time and energy into getting it right’.

Kate Middleton delighted with a piano performance with singer-songwriter Tom Walker 

Walker gave the Duchess a backing track to practise with before the performance and said he was ‘shocked at how much better she was’ when it came to the actual show, which left him ‘really impressed.’

Explaining that his mother had a ‘total freak out’, he said: ‘It was truly an honour playing alongside The Duchess for Royal Carols: Together At Christmas. Without doubt, it was a once in a lifetime experience.

‘I thought she absolutely smashed the performance; it’s not easy to just jump behind a piano with a bunch of musicians you’ve never played with before and record live takes to camera, but she completely nailed it.

‘She’s such a lovely, kind and warm hearted person and she took the time to thank everyone personally for the opportunity to play together.’

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