Jurgen Klopp’s wife’s generous act of kindness at the supermarket

Jurgen Klopp's wife Ulla Sandrock has been praised for a generous act of kindness in her local supermarket where she handed out £1,000-worth of food vouchers to staff.

The Liverpool Echo report that Ulla visited the Waitrose store in Formby and immediately began giving staff on the shop floor vouchers worth £50 as a thank you.

Her efforts were in appreciation to supermarket staff who are working as normal amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In total Ulla is believed to have distributed 20 vouchers worth £50 each.

Later managers at the store requested all vouchers be handed to them so they could be shared evenly across the whole team.

One staff member said: "This was an incredible thing to do.

"Typically, Ulla didn't want to make a fuss, or receive any recognition, and just wanted people working in shops to get the recognition they deserve."

A spokesman for the store told the ECHO: "Our Formby team is incredibly grateful for the support and understanding shown by everyone who has visited our store, but we would always respect the privacy of our customers."

The gesture follows another similar donation at Tesco supermarket in Formby, where a customer was given two £50 vouchers by someone believed to be connected with Liverpool Football Club.

Despite keeping a low profile, Ulla and Jurgen hold strong links in their local community.

The Liverpool manager admitted to Sky Sports The Football Show that the lockdown was not unusual for him, as he rarely ventures further than the club's training ground.

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