Klopp argues against Liverpool fans at Anfield being clear advantage over rivals

Jurgen Klopp does not see Liverpool having fans attend home matches amid the coronavirus pandemic as an advantage.

Merseyside giants Liverpool and Everton are the only two Premier League clubs currently allowed supporters at their home games.

Up to 2,000 fans are permitted at matches with Anfield set to play host to that amount for Sunday’s Premier League clash with West Brom.

Plenty of people believe it is an advantage to the two clubs with others not allowed fans due to the coronavirus tiering system.

Though Klopp believes it’s not a clear advantage, admitting he wants full stadiums back as soon as safely possible.

“I understand everybody else wants the best. If we have 2,000 and nobody else has one hundred or whatever, then I can imagine people will talk about it.

“I wish everyone could have it. I don't know how long we will have it. This year has shown us enjoy the good things as long as they are.

“For us the benefit is from an emotional point of view. Much more enjoyable. I don't see it as a massive advantage, it's just nicer. That's the truth.

“But we as a club had nothing to do with the decision.”

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Southampton and Brighton had their doors closed on Boxing Day after the UK government announced more areas into Tier 4.

Klopp added: “From my point of view, long may it continue that we can keep people in the stadium. But with the new tier system, it doesn't look very likely, eh?

“There are still bigger problems out there and as long as the deciders allow us to bring people in, I think that is a really good sign.

“The moment they say it is not possible any more, then we have to wait for the next moment it is possible again.”

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