League One and League Two 'at risk of being abandoned NEXT WEEK'

League One and League Two ‘at risk of being abandoned NEXT WEEK with EFL to hold vote over continuing season… and majority of clubs now do not want to carry on’

  • The EFL have consistently said they intend to finish the current campaign 
  • There is a growing sense most clubs in the third and fourth tier do not want to
  • A vote is now set for a conference calling meeting next week over decision 

League One and League Two could be abandoned as soon as next week with a fear growing that the majority of clubs do not want to carry on, according to reports.

While the EFL have consistently said they are committed to finishing the 2019-20 campaign, it is being reported that the issue of ending the season below the Championship will be raised next week.

A vote will then be held during a conference call meeting after clubs were informed of the intention to put it to a vote.

League One and League Two could be abandoned next week – with Coventry top of third tier

The Telegraph are reporting that the EFL have informally canvassed opinion and it appears to show there is a clear desire not to play out the rest of the season.

The decision would not involve clubs in the Championship, as the EFL are hopeful they will still play the season to a conclusion in the second-tier.

As few as three League One sides, according to the report, are keen to play the rest of their games.

There is also a threat of legal action from some clubs if they are made to play on during the coronavirus crisis.

A points per game method of ending the season would hit Oxford, in third, hard

Clubs are concerned both about health and the potentially ruinous cost of playing games behind closed doors. 

It has been estimated by Oakwell Sports Advisory that it could cost a minimum of £700,000 each.

There have also been discussions about just playing out play-offs to cover both promotion and relegation, although there is resistance to this concept.

Any decision could also have a huge impact on League Two leaders Crewe Alexandra

The vote would need a 75 per cent majority to carry out, and the EFL would then have to decide how to settle promotion and relegation – which is set to go ahead across the leagues.

EFL chairman Rick Parry warned the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee on Tuesday that voiding relegation from the Premier League would be a ‘breach of the tripartite agreement between us, the Premier League and the FA’.

It could lead, potentially, to legal action. As it stands, the EFL prefers deciding promotion and relegation through a points per game basis, although this is regarded as controversial.

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