Lewis Dunk has a free-kick disallowed, given and then ruled out AGAIN

Clueless ref Lee Mason branded a ‘f***ing disgrace’ and a ‘f***ing embarrassment’ by Brighton players after he disallowed Lewis Dunk’s goal, then awarded it, then disallowed it AGAIN after VAR check in chaotic scenes that shocked world of football

  • Everyone was confused after the officials kept changing their mind over a goal
  • At first it was disallowed, then allowed, and then VAR disallowed the goal again
  • Referee Lee Mason was unsure if he had blown his whistle as the kick was taken 

An officiating nightmare left players, coaches, and fans confused as West Brom took on Brighton, after a free kick was awarded to Brighton and Lewis Dunk proceeded to put the ball in the back of the net.

However, referee Lee Mason disallowed the goal as the Brighton players started to celebrate, but then changed his mind and allowed the goal. Then, after a check from VAR, the goal was once again disallowed, leaving everyone totally baffled about what had happened.

Sportsmail‘s man at the game, Rob Draper, says players could be heard calling the referee a ‘f****** disgrace’ and a ‘f****** embarrassment,’ but received no punishment. 

Everyone was confused after the referee kept changing his mind about a goal on Saturday

The West Brom keeper was not ready when the referee blew his whistle for the free kick

Rob Draper was at The Hawthorns covering the game for Sportsmail. He says: 

That is as anarchic as I’ve ever seen a Premier League referee decision. It looked as though, having initially disallowed the free kick, Lee Mason was swayed by the vociferous Brighton players into giving it. 

At which point, you could hear West Brom players call him a ‘f****** disgrace’ and a ‘f****** embarrassment’ both of which should be red card offences. 

But he took no action and took the abuse for no reason. For had he just waited for the VAR to check, it would have confirmed his first decision, to disallow, because the ball wasn’t over the line when he blew his whistle. 

Once VAR did overturn the decision and disallowed the goal, there was fresh round of ‘f****** disgrace’ from the Brighton players. And no cards. 

The question still remains; what potential offence did Mason see to blow up as Dunk’s free kick was headed goalwards? 

Gary Lineker immediately took to Twitter, saying: ‘This is a first even with the level of this season’s bonkersness. Lee Mason has disallowed a goal, then given a goal, then disallowed a goal. Best, confused of Leicester.’ 

Later he added: ‘Brighton are very, very good at dominating without scoring. So good they don’t score even when they score.’ 

West Brom’s goalkeeper was at his post still setting the wall when the referee blew his whistle, and Dunk quickly took the opportunity to place the ball in the other corner.

However, Mason blew his whistle again while the ball was in flight, and the Brighton players surrounded him in protest. 

After a quick discussion with his assistants, Mason then gave the goal, but VAR then decided to take a look. 

Brighton thought they had scored, but the referee disallowed the goal, and then gave it

VAR then ruled the referee had blown his whistle again before the ball crossed the line

They ruled that since there was a second blast of the whistle before the ball crossed the line, so the goal was once again disallowed, and the free kick would have to be taken again.   

‘This is a total, utter, shameful, disgraceful, piece of nonsense,’ raged Jeff Stelling on Soccer Saturday as the events unfolded. ‘How can he award the goal after somebody’s told him that “you did whistle”? Doesn’t he know whether he whistled or not?

‘I have never seen anything, anywhere, like this.’ 

The goalkeeper could get nowhere near the ball as Dunk quickly took the direct free kick

Mason was surrounded by players from both sides as he tried to make a decision

Some fans on social media pointed to an old interview with Nuno Espirito Santo, where the manager criticised Mason for whistling too often when under pressure from shouting players. 

‘The referee doesn’t have quality to whistle a game in the Premier League,’ said the Wolves boss. 

All the drama took around three and a half minutes to unfold, and once again puts the referees under the spotlight in a season rife with controversy. 

Mike Dean received death threats in the aftermath of a series of controversial red card decisions earlier this month. 

Sportsmail revealed earlier this week that referees are paying for their mistakes, with yearly performance-related bonuses of up to £50,000 taking a hit with each error. 

Even the managers of both teams were confused as the lengthy discussion took place

Referees have been in the spotlight multiple times this season over confusing decisions

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