Liverpool boss Klopp shuts down reporter after interrupting question

Klopp’s side were heavily beaten 5-2 on a terrible night at Anfield. Madrid came back from 2-0 down to stun the Reds, leaving them with a mammoth task to qualify for the quarter-finals. 

Liverpool and Klopp faced strong criticism in the aftermath of the defeat. Journalists and former players were often scathing in their analysis. 

During Klopp’s pre-match press conference on Friday, a journalist suggested that it must be ‘difficult’ to ignore what is being said in the media. However, Klopp interjected, nonchalantly shook his head and bluntly quipped: “It’s not.”

Those in the press conference could be heard laughing behind the cameras. Klopp attempted to stifle a smile before shrugging. 

The German continued: “I’ve said plenty of times now that I don’t read a lot [that is written about Liverpool] anyway. But when you lose a game like this it makes absolutely no sense to read or listen to people who are talking about us. 

“I know 100 per-cent how it is. Conceding five in a home Champions League game is absolutely not acceptable. I know that, but it happened anyway so we cannot change that anymore. 

“The way we conceded the goals, we can change. Not in that game, but in general. The start of the game was a good one anyway, the first 20 minutes. I know after then we conceded, but the first half was a really good half. The second half, the worst half for us.”

Liverpool, who are eighth in the Premier League, have been impacted by several injuries to key players. Although Klopp is now finally seeing those stars return to training, he ominously observes that none of them are close to their best form. 

“You can see when the boys come on now that they are not at their best. They need the minutes and will get better. But that is exactly the situation we have,” the Reds boss said. 

“We are not even sure if all the boys could play again after Madrid because of some knocks here and there. We are really not 100 per-cent clear, so we have to make changes. We want to make them, and we will make changes anyway.

It’s not that you come back after a long injury and it’s just… [clicks fingers] you’re ready again. We have a situation with Bobby [Firmino], Joe [Gomez] and Virgil [van Dijk], everybody expects Virgil to be like a robot but then he was injured. He played the most games last year, played at the World Cup every game, plays, plays, plays… that’s the situation.”

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