Liverpool star Thiago accused of "taking the f****** p***" during Man Utd win

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Liverpool midfielder Thiago scooped up a man of the match award for his performance against Manchester United on Tuesday, and was accused of "taking the f***ing p***" out of his opponent.

United were thrashed 4-0 by Liverpool who took their aggregate scoreline to 9-0 against the Red Devils this season, as Jurgen Klopp's side cruised both home and away. And they were utterly humiliated by Thiago who put on a show for the Anfield crowd under the lights.

Thiago was approached by both Liverpool and United before leaving Bayern Munich, and he showed the Red Devils what they missed out on as he dazzled in midfield. And his antics forced Gary Neville to admit that he was "taking the f***ing p***" as he piled in on United's misery.

The Spaniard was coasting in the Liverpool midfield, showcasing his incredible range of passing while gliding past the opposition, and although it was a joy to watch, it infuriated United fans. And one of those was Neville, who explained how Thiago's performance highlighted just how poor United were.

"What Liverpool have done tonight is toyed with Manchester United," Neville said on the Gary Neville Podcast. Thiago was laughing when he came off, he was laughing at them all game.

"I don’t normally swear on the Gary Neville Podcast, but he took the f****** p*** out of Manchester United tonight. That was so simple for the Liverpool players."

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But it wasn't just Thiago, as Neville explained just how brutal the difference is between the fierce rivals. "Everything was the difference," Neville added. "Manchester United were a million miles away from that Liverpool team in every department.

"There isn’t anything you can say about that Manchester United team that can compete with this Liverpool team, on and off the pitch. It was a sobering evening, but I think every United fan expected it.

"I don’t think one United fan came here with one bit of hope whatsoever. But you try and build yourself in that little half an hour pre-kick-off that something could happen, but nothing, that team has got nothing.

"The players are broken, they are broken players. There are some decent players out there, they have talent and have played at good levels, but they are finished and they are broken this season. It is a mess."

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