Man Utd praised for "unbelievable" way new signing Raphael Varane was unveiled

Manchester United have been praised for their 'unbelievable' unveiling of new signing Raphael Varane on Saturday.

The Red Devils announced they had completed the deal for the former Real Madrid centre-half ahead of their opening day clash with Leeds United.

And, before kick-off, fans were able to catch their first glimpse of their new hero as he was paraded around Old Trafford.

Varane posed with a United shirt as he took in the applause of the Red Devils faithful.

Joe Cole and Rio Ferdinand were quick to praise the unveiling as they provided build-up to the clash on BT Sport.

"That was unbelievable, Jake. That was very smart by [Ole Gunnar] Solskjaer," Cole said as Varane left the pitch.

"When you want to get the crowd going you unveil a big star like Varane and you do it right now to get these fans off their seats."

Ferdinand also spoke about the crowd: "It’s crazy how much of an impact they can make. Some players grow and embrace the big crowd with huge expectations.

"If some players have a bad first touch then they could shrink. It becomes a different story then. It’ll be interesting to see which players adapt or not."

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Ferdinand also went and embraced Varane as he left the pitch, and he told the Frenchman: "Win, win, win."

Cole continued: "Last year, we saw it in the stats the amount of teams who were winning comfortably away.

"That won’t happen now as the fans will be a factor. I think they’ve realised how much of an impact they can make."

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