Naked Argentina fan falls off moving car and slams into floor while banging drum

A naked Argentina fan has been filmed banging a drum on top of a moving car before falling off and slamming onto the floor.

Supporters in Buenos Aires and around the country have gone wild this week as they celebrated the nation's first World Cup triumph since 1986. Thousands of fans had flocked to the Plaza de la Republica to greet the Argentina players on their trophy parade, causing the squad to be airlifted out of the city and complete their route via helicopter.

As the celebrations continue, one fan has been caught on camera falling off the roof of a car as they sat naked banging a drum.

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In the clip, two fans can be seen on top of the vehicle chanting as it moves down the street. As the car turns a corner, the fan with the drum rolls off the side of the roof and lands flat on their front on the road.

The fall reveals that the fan is also wearing no clothes, with their bare bottom exposed to the camera as they stood up and ran after the drum, which was rolling away down the street.

Laughter can be heard from the fan filming the incident following the hilarious fall as their vehicle heads off in the opposite direction.

Supporters from around the world have been left in shock at the video, which has had some fans in stitches and others in a state of confusion.

One fan tweeted: “Why is every c*** over there naked?” Another added: “No Argentinians will be left alive with so much celebration haha.”

A third supporter also commented: “Argentinians are crazy hahaha.” One more fan went on to write: “Argentinians are wild.”

The naked drummer is the latest Argentina fan to be seen celebrating the victory by removing their clothes, with one older fan filmed joining in the celebrations by getting her boobs out.

Meanwhile, two fans inside the Lusail Stadium in Qatar took their tops off after Gonzalo Montiel's winning penalty to flash their breasts to those sat around them.

Their antics had left some fans fearing for their safety due to the host nations strict nudity laws, but the duo have reportedly "escaped punishment" for their behaviour.


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