Nicklas Bendtner: players PREFER sex workers due to blackmail worries

‘I know about loads of incidents involving prostitutes’: Nicklas Bendtner says many footballers PREFER to hire sex workers over meeting ‘civilian’ girls because they won’t be blackmailed… and claims he had to pay for a boob job to keep his antics quiet

  • Nicklas Bendtner was a controversial footballer during his career in England 
  • The Danish striker has opened up about his off-field antics in his autobiography 
  • Bendtner admits that the use of prostitutes among footballers is common
  • The 32-year-old opened up about playing hotel sex games in a team hotel 

Nicklas Bendtner has made the shocking claim that footballers using sex workers is a ‘widespread phenomenon’ and some use prostitutes on the night before matches. 

The former Arsenal striker was a controversial figure during his time in England and was considered a ‘bad boy’ by many due to his run-ins with the law and disciplinary issues. 

In his autobiography, ‘Both Sides’, Bendtner claims that everyone in football knows somebody who has used a prostitute on nights out and that it is too risky to be involved with a ‘civilian’. 

Nicklas Bendtner claims that the use of prostitutes is a widespread problem among footballers

Bendtner, pictured with partner Philine Roepstorff, was a controversial player while in England

High-profile footballers such as Wayne Rooney – on several occasions – and more recently Kyle Walker have been embroiled in prostitution scandals in their careers.  

Bendtner revealed in his book, as quoted by The Sun: ‘(It is) a widespread phenomenon in professional football. They’ve only been caught red-handed with their pants down. 

‘Believe me, everyone in my industry has heard of someone who’s been at it, especially in England where it’s a grand old tradition to share your cock-and-ball stories with a full audience.

‘It’s less risky than picking up girls while out on the town. You hardly dare do the deed with a “civilian” any longer. Not when you’re a famous footballer.’

Wayne Rooney (L) and Kyle Walker (R) are just two players accused of using prostitutes 

Bendtner even claimed that footballers played hotel sex games before and after matches

Bendtner admitted that the reason why footballers use prostitutes is that they cannot be exploited by ‘gold diggers’ who will threaten to expose their night of passion if certain requirements are not met.

The striker also revealed a woman he had spent the night with demanded a boob job or she would declare she was pregnant with his child. 

The Danish forward added: ‘I know about loads of incidents involving prostitutes. But I know of just as many stories about extortion via social media.

‘We’re talking about gold-diggers from the nightlife scene who are up for a f*** and then take a photo of you sleeping it off while you’re starkers. With those photos as their trump card, they can demand stuff to keep their mouths shut. And they do.

The former Arsenal striker also claimed sex with ‘civilians’ is very rare among footballers

‘One of the girls I’ve been with comes back and claims I’ve got her pregnant. That there’s a price if she’s going to do something about it.

‘”And what does that mean?” I ask. “It means you’ve got to pay for a pair of new boobs for me. I want my t*****s fixed,” she says. So I end up paying for her trip to the cosmetic surgeon.’  

The Danish international also opened the lid on one incident that happened while one of the teams he played for were staying in a hotel after a match. 

Bendtner admitted that he was involved in some sex games in the hotel swimming pool after he snuck out of his room to the hotel bar. 

Bendtner also opened up about a hotel sex game he was involved in while in a team hotel

The striker recalled: ‘We weren’t going home until the next day and once the hotel corridor fell silent two of us snuck down to the bar. We got talking to some local girls.

‘Suddenly we decided to skinny dip in the indoor pool. It turned out the pool had a slide and before we knew it we’d started our own internal competition.

‘One couple would judge the other on the way down the slide — while having sex in every possible position. At the next training session, my mate showed up with his knees glowing bright red. He’d torn up his skin when he took his girl doggy style.’

As well as turning out for Arsenal, Bendtner turned out for Sunderland, Birmingham City and Nottingham Forest during his career in England. He is currently playing in his native Denmark for Copenhagen side Tarnby FF.

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