OAP whose car Grealish smashed into says Aston Villa star hasn’t apologised

An OAP has claimed that Jack Grealish has not apologised for smashing into his car during his reckless driving night of shame.

The Aston Villa captain was banned from driving for nine months and forced to pay an £82,4999 fine after crashing into the van, a 4×4 and a wall.

The incident took place in during lockdown in March when he mounted the curb at Dickens Heath, Birmingham, at 8:40am.

It saw the England international pick up a record fine for a player as well as admitted to careless driving charges, his second relating to speed.

Reginald Woodcock, 73, the owner of the van, has claimed toThe Sunthat he has not been contacted by Grealish with an apology for the damage.

The OAP also admitted to not knowing who he is, saying: “I don’t follow Villa — none of them. If that’s the way he wants to live his life, that is up to him, but footballers are overpaid.”

Mr Woodcock had parked his van outside his son’s home in Solihull, which is 10 miles away from Grealish’s home in Barnet Green, Worcestershire.

He added: “There was a little bit of damage. I don’t know who dealt with it. I didn’t pay for the repairs.”

Grealish collided with a Mercedes and a Citroen during the coronavirus lockdown in March.

CCTV footage was released by West Midlands Police of the moment the Villa captain caused the damage.

Dressed in light coloured shorts, a light blue hooded top, and sliders, he was then confronted by a security guard who had witnessed the crash.

Grealish’s solicitor John Dye said: "The footwear was totally inappropriate for driving his vehicle. It may be an explanation as to why he reversed back the way he does. That is his fault.

"It was stupid to go in a vehicle when he has got that footwear on.

"That in essence is why he drove in that way. What happens after is somewhat blind panic. He tries to put everything right and makes everything worse.

"To his credit he stayed at the scene. He told people at the scene he would pay for damage. In fact he has paid for the damage. There is no application for compensation.

“He can afford to pay for it and he has done.”

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