Police probe death threats aimed at Josh Cavallo months after coming out as gay

South Australia police are to investigate reports of death threats being aimed at Adelaide United's Josh Cavallo in the months since he came out as gay.

Cavallo was praised for his bravery after coming out publicly back in October but his club have now contacted police in an attempt to combat the abuse he has received since.

The club say he has received a constant barrage of abuse on social media, including death threats, in the three months since he publicly came out.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the police are set to open an investigation into these claims.

News of the social media abuse and death threats come after Cavallo called out a section of the Melbourne Victory fans for levelling homophobic abuse at him on Saturday.

The incident is said to have occurred as Cavallo left the field after being substituted during the 1-1 draw in the A-League.

According to sources, Victory fans were heard chanting "if you want to stay alive, go home gypsy" and the Australian Professional League have already confirmed they will investigate the incident.

Adelaide chief executive Nathan Kosmina discussed the abuse Cavallo received on Monday, stating: “He’s a real resilient young man.

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"We’ve spoken often about the courage he displayed in terms of coming out and everything that went along with that, the pressure that was on him as a global voice of the LGBTI+ community was significant.

“He’s arguably the highest profile men’s player in the league now, in terms of the global reach of his name and brand.

"With that, and our sport being global, means that he gets comments from all over the world – majority positive, but there’s an element that is negative. And that is ongoing.

“I think where this [incident] went a little too far was the quantum of it. It wasn’t an individual. It was more of a collective voice coming out of that northern stand and he said, basically, ‘Enough’s enough. I’m calling this out’.

"And we say, ‘We’re right behind you, Josh.’”

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