Premier League ‘agree on July plan’ to complete season behind closed doors

The Premier League are set to restart the season behind closed doors and finish it over a period of four to six weeks.

The football league are set to follow the same time frame as they bid to conclude the campaign once it resumes after also discussing measures with the FA.

Games will be played behind closed doors as a precaution with the coronavirus pandemic claiming thousands of lives worldwide.

Authorities are determined to finish the season according to amid fears over the financial ramifications.

A lack of matchday revenue is likely to hit teams in the third and fourth tiers of English football more than any other.

Fixtures are currently postponed until April 30 at the earliest with the majority of Premier League sides still having nine games to play.

Governing bodies have said that "difficult decisions will have to be taken" as they bid to conclude the current season.

It also said that they "have agreed to work together to arrive at shared solutions".

The current UK lockdown period is due to end on April 13 which will allow clubs and players to begin training again.

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