Premier League clubs are planning to play NEXT season WITHOUT fans

Premier League clubs ‘are planning to play the 2020-21 season WITHOUT fans’ in a worst case scenario due to the coronavirus outbreak

  • Clubs are already preparing to play the 2012/22 season behind closed doors 
  • Government officials want sport behind closed doors until a vaccine is created
  • Though, Boris Johnson says a vaccine for Covid-19 may never actually be found
  • Playing behind closed doors could see the football clubs lose a total of £1billion
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Premier League clubs are preparing to play the entirety of next season behind closed doors. 

While discussions remain focused on safeguarding the health of players and staff for the remained for the current season, clubs are looking to the future and creating plans based on the possibility of the 2021/22 campaign being played without supporters. 

Government officials have made it clear that sport could be played out in empty stadiums until a vaccine is developed to combat the coronavirus.  

Premier League clubs are preparing to play the entirety of next season behind closed doors

Government officials require a vaccine to allow supporters but they might not find one 

The latest reports suggest a vaccine could be developed by February, but even if the trial timeline can be sped up, with some steps being combined, it will be at least a year before the vaccine can be distributed.

However, football may be affected for the foreseeable future as Boris Johnson has recently warned that a vaccine against the deadly pathogen may never actually be found.

Playing in front of empty stadiums for a year or more would be disastrous for many clubs in the Premier League and the EFL who rely heavily on ticket sales and matchday revenue.

While TV companies have already threatened to ask for a rebate if games are played behind closed doors as they believe the coverage would not be as exciting.

There are fears that across the 91 Football League clubs that the total income lost would exceed £1billion, and the highly concerning numbers are being looked at by the FA as they try to mitigate the damage.

Teams below the Premier League who rely heavily on the income from supporters attending matches are most at risk as they will continue to pay wages, bonuses and stewards while getting no revenue from fans. 

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