Premier League clubs to all wear protest t-shirts against Super League ‘big six’

The other 14 Premier League clubs will wear ‘earn-it’ t-shirts in matches against the “breakaway six”, as part of a unified protest over the Super League crisis.

Brighton and Hove Albion will follow Leeds United’s lead against Liverpool on Monday, by getting players and squad to wear the shirts ahead of their fixture at Chelsea at Tuesday.

Southampton, Aston Villa and Everton will do the same in their matches against Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City and Arsenal, respectively.

The lndependent has been told that staff among the other 14 were even sharing artwork and fonts for the ‘earn it’ logo, such is the level of co-ordination on the issue.

It also illustrates the extent of the emotion surrounding the situation.

The branding naturally refers to the proposal that these six clubs would be given a guaranteed place in the future Super League, eliminating the idea of being there on sporting merit.

The other 14 are intent on putting up a united front on all issues related to the topic, but also want to avoid criticising any of other six clubs directly.

The idea is to ensure the long-term unity of the Premier League as a whole, as well as the sanctity of the pyramid.

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