REVEALED: Premier League Box Office viewing figures 'disastrous'

REVEALED: Premier League Box Office viewing figures have been ‘disastrous’ as chiefs prepare to discuss major U-turn on £14.95-per-match fees

  • The Premier League’s pay-per-view scheme could be scrapped on Tuesday 
  • The 20 clubs are set to meet to discuss what to do after backlash to the charge
  • Fans have been donating to charity instead of paying the extortionate £14.95 fee
  • It been reported that some Box Office games had ‘extremely low’ viewer counts
  • Burnley and West Brom’s 0-0 draw at the Hawthorns has been the worst flop  

Premier League fans have largely rejected the top-flight’s £14.95 charge to watch matches, with viewing figures threatening to spark a major re-think.    

The pay-per-view scheme was met with a huge backlash, with many supporters even willing to forgo their clubs’ match and donate their money to charity.  

Top-flight clubs are set to meet on Tuesday to discuss scrapping the fee or reducing the price, with both broadcasters and the Premier League embarrassed by the fury it has drawn. 

Premier League Box Office games have reportedly drawn ‘extremely low’ viewing figures 

The league and broadcasters have been embarrassed by the backlash to the £14.95 charge  

Burnley’s visit to the Hawthorns to face West Brom has been the lowest viewed match

Burnley’s 0-0 draw with West Brom last Monday was watched by an ‘exceptionally low’ number of viewers and has been the worst flop, according to the Mirror. 

However, the scheme has reportedly seen some successful figures, with Newcastle v Manchester United and Arsenal v Leicester pulling in a large audience. 

Fans’ groups including the Football Supporters’ Association have pleaded with the Premier League re-think the fee. 

Manchester United’s trip to Newcastle was still a success for the pay-per-view scheme 

BT Sports have laid the blame at the Premier League’s door for the extortionate £14.95 charge and claimed the scheme is ‘damaging their reputations.’

Newcastle owner Mike Ashley is another who has publicly blasted the scheme, calling the charge ‘not acceptable’ and suggesting it be reduced to £4.95.  

Boycotts have been successful, with Liverpool fans donated enough rounds of £14.95 to raise £81,000 instead of watching the Reds’ Sky Sports Box Office clash with Sheffield United. 

The next round of games scheduled for Box Office channels this weekend are Aston Villa vs Southampton and Tottenham vs Brighton on Sunday, while Fulham vs West Brom is a Monday evening kick-off. 

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