Spurs are finished if Kane leaves – they must avoid Arsenal’s Van Persie mistake

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Tottenham are FINISHED if they let Harry Kane leave the club.

And Gareth Southgate will be panicking right now because a Kane transfer saga will hurt England’s chances at the Euros as well.

I’m shocked at the timing of this, with Kane saying he wants out. To me, he must have something lined up, or else why do it now?

But it’s a nightmare scenario for Spurs because they’ve been here before with Gareth Bale. They got a record fee for him and bought loads of players to replace him, but it just didn’t work.

Even if Spurs get £120m for Kane AND spend it well, I STILL don’t know how you replace his 22 goals and 13 assists this season. It would leave a massive hole – and you can guarantee Heung-min Son would be next out the door.

It’s a domino effect. It’s over for Spurs if Kane leaves. Without Kane they have no chance of finishing top four next season.

And who’s taking the manager’s job if the club are selling their star striker?

I would be massively worried if I was a Spurs fan. But I’m worried for England too. This will be having an effect on the England team.

Southgate will want it sorted one way or another before the Euros start because he can’t have his captain distracted.

Kane can’t have this on his mind during the biggest tournament of his life so you really hope it’s sorted before then.

I don’t see this dragging on though. I really don’t. You don’t come out and do this unless you know there is a move out there for you.

I changed clubs a couple of times in my career and the deal was always already done. If Kane is leaving – there must be a deal on the table.

I just think this is a Robin Van Persie to Manchester United situation. Spurs would be selling their best player and they could go the same way Arsenal did.

Arsenal went to the Emirates Stadium with a team full of superstars. Within a few years, they didn’t have ONE. You could see that happening to Spurs.

If Harry Kane wants to win trophies he has to go to Manchester City. You are guaranteed to win trophies there.

But he’d have more chance of breaking Alan Shearer’s record as the greatest goalscorer in Premier League history if he stayed at Spurs.

At City, he won’t play every game against the lesser teams in the league where you can win by three or four goals.

They will save him for those big Champions League nights. And maybe that’s what he wants – but Shearer’s record would be a hell of a thing to break.

If he goes to United and the don’t win the league, he’s suddenly under scrutiny. And I don’t think he could join Chelsea even if it did mean he doesn't have to uproot his family.

Going there would be like Sol Campbell leaving Spurs for Arsenal. The fans would hate him if he did that. So City makes the most sense.

I just wonder how much it will take to get him because Daniel Levy is not just going to let him walk away. It’s not up to Kane, it’s up Spurs.

Big twist coming…

Chelsea and Leicester deserve to finish in the top four in my opinion – not Liverpool.

And I still think there could be a big twist coming on the final day because I don’t think all three clubs are going to win.

Liverpool have under-performed horribly this season. They’ve turned it on at the right time, but they shouldn’t even be in the race here.

Chelsea and Leicester have had great seasons. If Leicester miss out after what happened last year the disappointment will be so bad.

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But at least those players can look back one day tell their grandkids they won the FA Cup.

Leicester have probably got the easiest game too. Spurs just lost at home to Aston Villa, have a caretaker in charge, and have the Harry Kane situation to distract them.

Chelsea have a hard game against Villa, who proved they aren’t on holiday yet by winning at Spurs.

And Liverpool aren’t guaranteed either. I thought Burnley were unlucky against them and if Christian Benteke and Wilf Zaha fancy it, Crystal Palace will cause them problems.

Cooper can be Baggies man

West Brom should go for Swansea boss Steve Cooper now Sam Allardyce is going.

If the Swans don’t get promoted, that’s where I’d look if I was West Brom. Cooper has done a great job there.

And he would have more of a chance of getting West Brom promoted next season than he would Swansea. I was surprised Allardyce is going. I thought he’d take the job. They are miles too good for the Championship.

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But maybe at his age he was worried players would leave and didn’t fancy having to rebuild nicking players from here, there and everywhere.

Sam Allardyce has proved again he is one of the most underrated managers. They have become very competitive and much harder to beat under him.

I think people will remember the job he’s done there when we get to next Christmas, and another struggling team will come in for him. That’s what he’s got to rely on really. But he’s got nothing to prove to anyone.

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