Ukrainian footballer moved by special Spandau Ballet rendition chant

Arsenal and Ukrainian international footballer Alex Zinchenko has spoken movingly of the support he is given by fans who have turned the Spandau Ballet classic Gold into a special chant for him. The 26-year-old defender and midfielder was given the captain’s armband for Saturday’s match to mark the dignity and defiance of his fellow Ukrainians on the first year anniversary of Russia’s invasion.


Arsenal away fans sang the song, which reached number two in 1983, as the Gunners beat Leicester one-nil to stay on top of the premier league.

The star smiled as they belted out: “Always believe in, Zinchenko, oh, oh! Always believe in your soul. You’ve got the power to know, you’re indestructible!”

Earlier Zinchencko got another treat when actor Martin Kemp, bass player with Spandau Ballet, sang the song for new fans’ website, which offers exclusive video content from star players.

Zinchencko, who arrived at the Emirates last July in a £32million deal from Manchester City, was amazed the terrace tribute chant started up soon after his signing. “No one in the world could dream of a better welcome than this,” he told the website. “After the first five minutes, they started to sing the song.”

After matches, fans serenade him at the corner of a road near Arsen’s north London Emirates stadium he drives home.

The player added: “I’m always putting my window down and saying… ‘Let’s do that’. Everyone is screaming. I’m so lucky.”

The affectionate chant has boosted his morale at a difficult time.

Fans have seen Zinchenko break down when he talks about the war in TV interviews and his passionate calls for an end to the fighting have struck a nerve.

Another Arsenal midfielder, Granit Zhaka, 30, who also plays for Switzerland, has also benefited from a golden oldie from even further back in time.

Arsenal fans have been singing ‘we’ve got Granit Xhaka’ to the tune of Glad All Over by the Dave Clark Five.

The song reached number one way back in 1964 when Clark, now in his early 80s, was on the brink of becoming a major global star with his so-called Tottenham sound, because band members were all fans of Arsenal’s north London rivals.

It knocked The Beatles’ I Wanna Hold Your Hand off the top slot.

Zhaka, 30, is proud the song is now sung for him but he’s only just learnt it was created by a band linked to his team’s rivals.

Granit, smiling when he was told by, said: “We can’t change it. I wasn’t born then.”

Of the passionate support, he added: ‘When you have someone behind you, the fans the club, the players… It 100 percent gives you much more motivation. Every song gives you a super feeling, the motivation to give much more than you have already. For the family it’s the most beautiful thing.’’

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