United Supporters Trust vice-chair opens-up on fight against Glazers

Football was invented by the poor and stolen by the rich but now there MUST be fundamental reform to protect our clubs… Manchester United Supporters Trust vice-chairman opens up on fight against Glazers

  • Manchester United fans staged a huge protest at Old Trafford on Saturday 
  • Supporters’ frustration has boiled over after the European Super League plot 
  • It’s now time to channel the frustration into creating proper change in football
  • The Glazers need to be prevented from merely using United as a revenue stream

The Glazers will go when they want to go. We have to persuade them in the right way and one way is to tell them: ‘Football is going to change — it is going to stop you doing some of these things and will limit how you can use our club as a personal revenue stream.’

Our focus is to move on from Sunday’s protest and channel that frustration into the Government’s review.

We’ll do it on the basis that it is not specifically an issue about Manchester United — the Government would not legislate to solve issues at just one club but they are more likely to address an endemic issue in football.

Manchester United supporters are working on how they can help to change things at the club

The Glazers are using the club as a personal revenue stream and they have to be limited 

Those issues are common at clubs throughout the country where owners are acting against the interests of fans, local communities and the heritages of the clubs that they run.

There was a banner outside Old Trafford on Sunday that said: ‘Football — invented by the poor, stolen by the rich.’ 

Supporters are no longer willing to watch their owners act against the club and fans’ interests

That encapsulates what has happened at our club and many others. There needs to be fundamental reform to redress that.

There are too many owners whose primary motivation is not the interests of the football club. 

This came six months after Project Big Picture, which was supposed to help clubs in need. That was nothing but a smokescreen.

Owners are temporary custodians of institutions that have been around for more than 100 years. Those institutions must be treated with respect and value.

Demonstrators were demanding that their great club starts being treated with due respect 

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