Flintoff reveals how Bruce settled his bill at Dubai restaurant once

‘I’d spent beyond me means and my credit card bounced…. I saw Steve Bruce having dinner and bless him, he paid it’: Andrew Flintoff reveals how Newcastle boss settled his bill at Dubai restaurant before cricket legend ‘took him out the next night’ as a thank you

  • Steve Bruce and Andrew Flintoff were holidaying in Dubai separately once
  • Flintoff had treated his other half and a friend to dinner at Buddha Bar
  • But when it came to paying the bill the England cricket legend’s card had maxed
  • Scanning the restaurant, he saw Bruce and asked him to pay the bill which he did

As a football manager you should always look out for your players and it appears that for one figure that has transcended across sports.

England cricket legend Andrew Flintoff has recalled how Newcastle boss Steve Bruce once bailed him out of a sticky situation at a restaurant after his credit card had maxed out.

The incident occurred in Dubai where the pair, separately, were holidaying.

Newcastle manager Steve Bruce once had to pay for Andrew Flintoff’s restaurant bill in Dubai

Flintoff was unable to pay because his credit card had maxed out so asked Bruce for help

Flintoff was on holiday with his other half and a friend and decided to pay for their meal at Buddha Bar. However, when it came to the bill his card was declined – resulting in the former all-rounder scanning the room to see if anyone could help him.

‘I love Steve Bruce – he got me out of a pickle once in Dubai,’ Flintoff recalled to talkSPORT.

‘I was in Dubai on holiday and I was in a restaurant, the Buddha Bar, and I’d spent beyond me means and my credit card bounced, I’d maxed it out.

‘It’s the kind of place that’s far too flash for me, I don’t know why Steve Bruce was in there to be honest, in his tracksuit.

‘I’d taken my mate and missus out and I’d paid for everything, I’d paid all the bills, and my mate said he’d pay for this meal and I knew he didn’t have enough money on him.

Bruce, who was holidaying separately from Flintoff, kindly helped out the legendary cricketer

‘So my card had bounced and I was looking round the restaurant, I was panicking, and I saw Steve Bruce having dinner, so I sidled over and had a chat with Steve.

‘Then I had to say to him: “Steve, do us a favour mate? My credit card has bounced, can you lend me a few quid to pay my bill?”

‘Bless him, he paid it and I took him out the following night. Absolute legend of a man, a lovely guy, he’s amazing.’

And as Flintoff confirms at the end, Bruce’s kind deed didn’t go unnoticed as he was treated to a night out the next day as a thank you. 

Flintoff won two Ashes series during his England career and also captained his country

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