KP’s quick reply to blunt Smith sledge

Bet he didn’t see that coming.

Yesterday, Kevin Pietersen shared an old video of him on social media batting with a blindfold on before the 2010-11 Ashes

The former England international posted the video to help launch his new YouTube page, writing: “Good old days of just having fun!”

But in sharing the content, Pietersen copped a drive-by from an unlikely source.

Kevin Pietersen going BANG

Cricket: Kevin Pietersen has sent balls flying in a knock around from the past.

“Should have batted with that (blindfold) on more often,” commented Australia’s 2019 Ashes saviour, Steve Smith.

In the video, Pietersen faces up to a bowling machine sending down rockets while he has his face covered with a black blindfold.

The viewer is then led to believe that Pietersen repeatedly makes immaculate connection with the ball that he sends into a nearby house.

As entertaining — and probably fake — as the video is, Pietersen still copped the whack from Smith.

To be fair, the England legend did have a ripping reply.

“It felt like I was batting blindfolded when I kept smacking you lot for 10 years!”

Well played.

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