Bouchard agrees to a £3,800 charity date to provide meals to workers

Eugenie Bouchard agrees to a £3,800 charity date with a fan on Instagram to provide meals to healthcare workers… as it’s revealed the story of her 2017 Super Bowl date bet is lined up to become a cinema ROM-COM!

  • Eugenie Bouchard aims to raise money for medical staff fighting coronavirus
  • Bouchard recently tweeted about her desire to have a boyfriend in quarantine
  • The tennis player previously went on a date with a fan after 2017 Super Bowl bet
  • Learn more about how to help people impacted by COVID

Tennis player Eugenie Bouchard has agreed to go on a charity date with a fan on Instagram to raise money for healthcare workers in the United States.

Bouchard recently tweeted that ‘quarantine would be a lot more fun with a boyfriend’ and has since been inundated with messages from fans.

After hosting an Instagram Live with sportscaster Allie LaForce, Bouchard received yet more requests for a date from fans, including one particularly persistent follower. 

Tennis star Eugenie Bouchard has agreed to go on a date to raise funds for healthcare workers

The Canadian went on a date with a fan in 2017 after losing a bet during the Super Bowl

The pair attended a tennis game together before going on a second date a short while later

A viewer named Bob declared his love for Bouchard and labelled her a ‘smokeshow’, which caught the attention of LaForce who brokered negotiations for a date between the pair. 

Bob initially offered £400 for the date but LaForce upped the ante and asked him to pay £2,410 to feed healthcare workers on Bouchard’s behalf. 

Bouchard’s admirer agreed to dig deep and pay the fee after which the Canadian former world No 5 confirmed the pair would go on a date.

The 26-year-old admitted afterwards that LaForce had come in handy as an impromptu matchmaker for her: ‘You’re also helping me, being a matchmaker for me because I clearly need one,’ she said on Instagram Live.

But it didn’t end there. Despite having already clinched his dream date, Bob then offered a further £800 if Bouchard agreed to imitate a British accent during their meet. 

With the additional money on the table, she couldn’t refuse, but admitted she was embarrassed by the prospect of showcasing her limited impression skills. 

‘Why are you doing this to me, Bob?’ she added.

Bouchard was a Wimbledon finalist in 2014 but has fallen from No 5 to No 341 in the world

‘You’re guilting me… so I feel I have to say yes because it’s for charity, but I’m also highly uncomfortable with that.

‘I’m going to say yes but I have no skill whatsoever in imitating accents.’

Bouchard famously went on a date with another fan three years ago after losing a bet during the 2017 SuperBowl. 

John Goehrke, who was a student at the time, bet Bouchard that the New England Patriots would fight back and win the game despite trailing Atlanta Falcons 21-0.

After agreeing to the bet and watching the comeback unfold in front of her eyes, she later went on two dates with Goehrke. 

Incredibly, reports in Canada’s Montreal Gazette claim that the first date between the pair could be turned into a Hollywood rom-com after Fox 2000 studios received a pitch to turn their story into a big screen hit. 







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